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Tech-Insight : What Is ‘Data Gravity’?

In this insight, we look at what ‘data gravity’ is, what challenges it creates, and some ways in which businesses can tackle data gravity challenges.  What Is Data Gravity?  Working with (larger) datasets means the need to collect, store and manage the data and move it around to different applications. The data then accumulates (builds mass), attracts services and…

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Tech Insight : How to Avoid Being “Doxxed”

How to Avoid Being "Doxxed"

In this article, we look at what doxxing is, some examples of doxxing, and what can be done to protect ourselves and our businesses from being ‘Doxxed’. What Is Doxxing? Doxing is a 90s hacker term meaning for dropping (personal) dox where ‘dox’ is a slang term for documents. Doxxing is a malicious act where a person/persons use a…

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Tech News : From 7 Mins Download … To 0.12 Secs (ish!)

Nanjing’s government-backed Purple Mountain Laboratories claims to have made a 6G breakthrough by recording the fastest real-time wireless communication speed ever recorded. For reference, 6G is likely to be around 50 times faster than 5G, which itself is around 20 times faster than 4G. Whilst this is very approximate, this could mean that a film that may take (say)…

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Featured Article: Scam Calls : A Significant Update

This week, we heard the good news that the big phone networks have agreed to automatically block foreign scam calls, and we heard the bad news that an Ofcom survey has revealed that 45 million people in the UK were targeted by scam text messages or phone calls this summer! The Challenge The challenge has been that scammers based…

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Tech Insight : What (Actually) Is The ICO?

In this tech-insight, we look at the role of the Information Commissioner’s Office, and how it can be a source of valuable compliance information and help to businesses. What Is It? The Information Commissioner’s Office is the UK’s independent, non-departmental public body set up to uphold information rights in the public interest. The ICO also promotes openness by public…

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Tech News : What’s Going On With Facebook?

After experiencing two outages in a week, one lasting more than six hours, and a whistleblower at a Senate Committee hearing alleging potentially harmful effects from Facebook’s algorithms, some are asking ‘what’s going on with Facebook?’ Whistleblower Recently identified former Facebook employee turned whistleblower, Frances Haugen, was found to be behind a series of leaks reported in the US Wall…

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Featured Article : Monetising Movement (Your Geo-Data)

In this feature, we take a look at how a multi-billion-dollar market obtains, uses, and sells our location data. Report A GVR report estimates that the global location intelligence market was worth USD 12.2 billion in 2020. This market uses our phone/device location data. There are many different interlinked players in this market ecosystem from app companies, collectors, data…

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Tech News : Laser Broadband Success

Alphabet subsidiary X, the Moonshot Factory’s ‘Project Taara’ is claiming 99.9 per cent uptime within the first 20 days of a light beam/laser broadband project. What Is It? Laser-based broadband uses wireless optical communications (WOC), which has been described as “like fibre, but without the cables”.  In short, invisible beams of light, about the width of a chopstick, are used…

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Tech Insight : What Is ‘Doxing’?

In this article we look at what doxing is, the legality of it, some examples of doxing, and we consider what we can do to protect ourselves and our businesses from attack. What Is Doxing? Doxing is a term meaning for dropping (personal) dox where ‘dox’ is a slang term for documents. Doxing is a malicious act where a…

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Featured Article: New ICO Head and Data Protection Law Reforms

Highlighting an early target of tackling cookie pop-ups, the UK government is to appoint John Edwards as the new ‘light touch’ ICO who will be expected to reform post-Brexit data protection rules for the UK. Data Protection Reforms Since Brexit, the UK government has been seeking to reform data protection regulations in the UK in a way that it…

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