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Tech News : Watching TV To Be Allowed In Automated Vehicles

Watching TV To Be Allowed In Automated Vehicles

The UK Government’s Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that following changes to The Highway Code, users of automated vehicles will be allowed to watch TV on built-in screens.  Viewing Content On Built-In Screens  Following a public consultation launched a year ago on how self-driving vehicles can be used safely on UK roads, the DfT has announced changes to…

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Tech News : £23 Million For AI And Data Science Scholarships

£23 Million For AI And Data Science Scholarships

The UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has announced funding of up to £23 million for AI and data conversion courses in England. Help Underrepresented Groups To Join World-Leading Industry The government says that the funding will create (postgraduate) conversion courses that could help underrepresented groups get tech jobs, even if they have no previous experience…

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Tech Insight : What Is A Digital Twin?

In this insight, we look at what a digital twin is, what the benefits of using one are, and which industries commonly use digital twins. What Is It? A digital twin is an accurate virtual model of a physical object that uses data gathered from sensors on the physical object to run simulations, study performance issues and generate possible…

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Google Maps Suggests Routes To Navigate More Sustainably

Google has announced the introduction of three new features to Google Maps that will enable users to make greener travel route choices. Help Cut Transportation CO2 emissions The new features, which were unveiled at the company’s ‘Sustainable With Google’ event are designed to help tackle the problem of 75 per cent of transportation CO2 emissions being one of the…

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Tech News : Proposed Ban For Mass Facial Recognition & ‘Predictive’ Policing

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for a ban on the use of AI-based predictive policing systems and the processing of biometric data that leads to mass surveillance. Areas The resolution seeks to ban the use of facial recognition technology and AI in several key areas: – Police use of facial recognition technology in public places. –…

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Featured Article : Monetising Movement (Your Geo-Data)

In this feature, we take a look at how a multi-billion-dollar market obtains, uses, and sells our location data. Report A GVR report estimates that the global location intelligence market was worth USD 12.2 billion in 2020. This market uses our phone/device location data. There are many different interlinked players in this market ecosystem from app companies, collectors, data…

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Tech Insight : What Is 3D Printing?

In this article, we look at what 3D printing is, its benefits, and how it is being used now to add value in many different industries. What Is It? 3D printing (“additive manufacturing”) describes how, using a special printing machine, a three-dimensional object can be constructed from a CAD model or a digital 3D model. The 3D printing machinery…

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Tech News : AI Designs, er, AI Chips … Better Than Humans, Says Google

AI can now design AI chips hundreds of times faster (and better) than humans. Where will this lead? A recent research paper has described how a deep reinforcement learning approach to chip ‘floorplanning’ has led to AI generating chip floorplans that are superior or comparable to those produced by humans. Floorplans Chip floorplanning is the term for designing the physical layout…

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Tech News : AI Keystroke Spy Tools

With AI recently in the spotlight in Europe over the need to regulate over some ‘unacceptable use’, some experts are warning of the threat of AI keystroke reading spy tools. Possibilities Companies like TypingDNA developing AI biometric verification (back in 2017) based on recognising the individual characteristics of how a person types, suggest that it is possible that similar…

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Tech Tip : Using Alexa As An Intercom System

If you have Amazon Echo devices in your home (or office), the ‘Drop In’ feature allows you to use Alexa as an intercom through your Echo devices.  Here’s how: – Open your Alexa app. – Tap ‘Devices’ (lower-right corner). – Tap ‘Echo & Alexa’ to display a list of all of your Echo devices and enable ‘Drop In’ on each…

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