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Tech News : Birthdates Becoming Required For Social Logins

The introduction of the Age Appropriate Design Code (also known as the Children’s Code) by the ICO means that Facebook has decided to ask Instagram users to give their date of birth as part of the login. Age Appropriate Design Code The statutory Children’s Code (‘The Age Appropriate Design Code’), which came into force on 2 September 2020, is…

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Tech News : Pro-Kremlin Trolls Targeting Media Website Comments

The results of new research suggest that the comments section for stories on prominent media websites across many western countries are the focus of major Kremlin-based activities to try and influence public opinion. Multiple Outlets, Many Countries The Open Source Communications Analytics Research (OSCAR) programme at Cardiff University’s Crime and Security Research Institute has reported finding evidence that 32…

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Tech Insight : What Is ‘Doxing’?

In this article we look at what doxing is, the legality of it, some examples of doxing, and we consider what we can do to protect ourselves and our businesses from attack. What Is Doxing? Doxing is a term meaning for dropping (personal) dox where ‘dox’ is a slang term for documents. Doxing is a malicious act where a…

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Tech News : Google Risks Lawsuit Over Market Monopoly

It has been reported that the Justice Department (DOJ) may soon issue a second monopoly lawsuit against Alphabet Inc (Google) over its giant’s digital advertising business. Other Lawsuit Back in July, Google was issued with an antitrust lawsuit by 38 US states over allegations relating to how it may have been abusing its position of power in relation to…

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Tech News : WhatsApp Handed Massive GDPR Fine

Following an investigation into WhatsApp Ireland Ltd, the Irish data regulator (DPC) has issued Facebook’s popular WhatsApp chat app with the second-largest GDPR fine of €225m. Long Investigation The eye-watering fine of €225 million follows an investigation that started way back on 10 December 2018. Big Fine The DPC had submitted a draft decision to all Concerned Supervisory Authorities…

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Tech Tip – Boost Your Security Protection In Google Chrome

With so many browser-based security threats, here’s a fast and easy way to activate 2 settings in Google Chrome browser to protect you from the popular threats of phishing and untrusted browser extensions: – Open the Chrome browser, click on the 3 dots (top-right) and select ‘Settings’. – Click on ‘privacy and security’ (left hand-side). – Click on ‘Security…

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Featured Article: New ICO Head and Data Protection Law Reforms

Highlighting an early target of tackling cookie pop-ups, the UK government is to appoint John Edwards as the new ‘light touch’ ICO who will be expected to reform post-Brexit data protection rules for the UK. Data Protection Reforms Since Brexit, the UK government has been seeking to reform data protection regulations in the UK in a way that it…

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Tech News : Biometrics Could Assist the Taliban

Human Rights groups fear that the Taliban could soon be able to use collected biometric data to identify contractors and locals working with the US military. What Biometric Data? It has been reported that, over time, while on operations in Afghanistan, the US military collected biometric data such as fingerprints and retina scans using a handheld device called HIIDE…

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Tech Insight : How (Simple) 2FA is Being Beaten

In this article, we take a look at how two-factor authentication, introduced to help add an extra layer of security to logins, has its own vulnerabilities. What Is 2FA? Two-factor authentication (2FA) combines a username and password with another factor (e.g. sending an SMS or email with a code) to enable a person to login to an online account…

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Tech News : Delivery Scams Top The ‘Smishing’ List

Data, published by trade association UK Finance for security provider Proofpoint, shows that parcel and package delivery scams are now the most common form of ‘smishing’ attempts. What Is Smishing? Smishing is where an attacker sends a text/SMS message purporting to be from a reputable company, in this case, the Royal Mail or a parcel delivery company/courier service. The…

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