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Tech Tip – Making Your Browser Remember Your Passwords

Your browser may have a Password Manager but sometimes an issue (e.g., conflicting extensions) may cause the browser not to save or remember your passwords. Here’s how to fix the issue for popular browsers Chrome and Edge: For Google Chrome: – Open the Chrome menu (the three dots top right) and select ‘Settings’. – Select ‘Autofill’ on the sidebar….

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Security Stop-Press : Phishing And Malware Threat Though Google Docs Flaw

Email security specialists Avanan have reported that hackers have been leveraging the comment feature in Google Docs to target primarily Outlook users. The attack works by hackers adding a comment to a Google Doc mentioning the target with an @. This automatically sends an email from Google to that target person’s inbox which contains bad links to malware or…

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Tech Tip – 3 Top Google Maps Tricks To Try

The Google Maps mobile app now has many useful and surprising features. Here are 3 top Google Maps tips you may like to try: 1. Remember Where You Parked – When using Google Maps on Android, on reaching your destination, tap the blue location dot. – Select ‘Save your parking,’ which adds a label to the Maps app, identifying…

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Tech News : Control Incoming Calls With Google Voice

Google has announced that users of its Google Voice service can now set custom rules for how incoming calls are handled. What Is Google Voice? The ‘Google Voice’ service allocates users a phone number for calls, texts, and voicemails. This number can be used for domestic and international calls from a web browser, or mobile device. Users in the…

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Tech News : Google : ‘No Jab, No Job’

CNBC recently reported that it had viewed a Google memo, circulated to employees, that they would lose pay, and eventually be sacked if they didn’t comply with the company’s Covid-19 vaccination policy. Until Dec 3 To Declare Status, And Until Jan 18 To Comply According to CNBC, the document circulated by Google’s leadership warned employees that they had until Dec…

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Tech Tip – Organise Your Chrome Bookmarks With Folders

If you’d like an easy way to organise all your Google Chrome browser bookmarks, try putting them in folders.  Here’s how: To create a bookmark folder: – On your computer, open Chrome. – Top right, click on the 3 dots, then ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Bookmark manager’. – Top right, click on the 3 dots and ‘Add new folder’. OR –…

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Tech News : Teams App Blocked Emergency Call

It was recently discovered that a bug in the Pixel 3 phone meant that users who had the Teams app installed (even though they weren’t logged in) couldn’t call the US emergency 911 number. What Happened? A Reddit user reported that they had needed to call an ambulance for their grandmother who appeared to be having a stroke. The…

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Tech Tip – Using Google To Search Within A Website

If you’d like to quickly search within a whole website (e.g. a competitor’s website for specific term or subject) here’s a quick way to do so using Google. – Go to Google. – In the search field, type “site:” followed by the URL of the site and your search terms. For example: site:bbc.co.uk Christmas – This should return all…

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Tech Tip – Changing Your Default Web Browser in Windows

If you’d like to change your default Windows 10 web browser from Edge to Chrome or Opera, here’s how: – In the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Settings’ or type ‘Settings’ in the Windows search field. – In ‘Settings’, select ‘Apps’, and select ‘Default apps’ on the sidebar. – Scroll to the ‘Web browser’ section and select ‘Microsoft Edge’. –…

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Tech Tip(s) – 3 Top YouTube Tips

If you use YouTube videos in your website or need to view or share specific parts of YouTube videos quickly, here are 3 top tips: 1. How To Start A YouTube Video At Any Point If you need to share part of a video rather than making someone watch the whole thing: – Edit the YouTube URL with &t=MmSSs, replacing…

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