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Sustainability : Ethical Phones and Computers

In this article, we look at what ethical phones and computers are, what makes them ‘ethical’ and what contribution they could be making to helping the environment by tackling issues such as the growing e-waste mountain. Tackling E-Waste The world currently has a significant problem with electronic waste in terms of a “take, make, consume, dispose” attitude, mounting volumes of production…

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Sustainability: Tidal Power Could Generate 11% Of UK’s Electricity

New research led by the University of Plymouth, and published in Royal Society Proceedings A, shows that tidal stream power could deliver 11 per cent of the UK’s annual electricity and play an important role in the government’s drive for net-zero. What Is Tidal Stream Power? Tidal stream power uses turbines (e.g., a tidal energy converter/TEC) to harness the kinetic energy…

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Sustainability: IDSC Asks UK Government To Include E-Waste On The COP26 Agenda

After recent reports that discarded e-waste in 2021 will weigh more then the Great Wall of China, The International Data Sanitization Consortium (IDSC) has sent an open letter to the RT Hon Alok Sharma MP, President of COP26, urging that e-waste be included on the agenda. Electronic The Fastest Growing Global Waste Stream According to the UN’s Global E-waste…

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Sustainability : Tips For Saving Energy At Home

In the week that the UK government unveiled its Heat and Buildings strategy to decarbonise homes and commercial premises enough to hit the target of net zero by 2050, here are some tips for saving energy at home. Change The Boiler For most homeowners, changing a boiler is a very big expense. However, the UK has the oldest housing…

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Google Maps Suggests Routes To Navigate More Sustainably

Google has announced the introduction of three new features to Google Maps that will enable users to make greener travel route choices. Help Cut Transportation CO2 emissions The new features, which were unveiled at the company’s ‘Sustainable With Google’ event are designed to help tackle the problem of 75 per cent of transportation CO2 emissions being one of the…

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Google Joins Other Tech Giants With ‘Water Stewardship’ Sustainability Pledge

Google has matched water use pledges by Microsoft and Facebook by announcing a ‘water stewardship target’ to replenish more water than it consumes by 2030 and to support water security in communities where it operates. Stewardship Google says that through focusing on water stewardship at office campuses and data centres, ecosystems in water-stressed communities, and by sharing prediction technology and tools,…

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