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Gill Iwanoff

Customer's testimonial

After months of researching the purchase of a laptop, trying to get advice from people and going around in circles, how happy was
I to walk into Just Computers in Kempston.

My main concern all along had been purchasing a laptop from somewhere I could easily take it back to if anything went wrong, feeling
comfortable and not pressured when looking at the laptops and not having to go over my quite limited budget.

The staff in Just Computers were welcoming, friendly, very helpful and I no way felt as if I was a woman of an older age :0)
being tolerated just for a purchase to be made.

So yes I would without a shadow of doubt highly recommend Just Computers.

I am sure, due to my quite poor IT knowledge, that I will need to contact them again, but do not feel embarrassed to have to do this.

I also very much appreciated the follow up call from Fiona, checking with me that everything was ok.

Great Company