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Tech Tip – How Group Tabs In Chrome To Keep Related Pages Together

One way to get more organised when using Google Chrome is to group open website tabs together with a click to keep related pages together in one workspace. Chrome’s ‘Group tabs’ lets your give the groups a label/name and colour. Here’s how: – Right-click a browser tab. – Click ‘Add Tab to new group.’ – Click ‘New Group’ (or…

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Featured-Article : How Many People Are Homeworking Now?

With an ONS survey showing that from October to December 2019 and January to March 2022, homeworking in the UK more than doubled from 4.7 million to 9.9 million people, we take a closer look at the figures and what’s behind them.  COVID 19 Pandemic Triggered Huge Rise In Homeworking  With the UK government first asking people to work…

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Tech Insight : Where Do People Get Their News From?

With young people now unlikely to read newspapers or watch the TV news, and following the latest Ofcom report, we look at which channels people get their news from.  Decline of Printed Newspapers  Newspaper readership has been declining for many years but the drop in readership during the pandemic years has been much more pronounced, e.g. 35 percent of…

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Tech News : Google Sacks Engineer Who Said AI Chatbot Was Sentient

Google has sacked senior software engineer Blake Lemoine, who made the news after saying that Google’s LaMDA chatbot’s responses to questions showed that it was a sentient being.  What Happened?  Back in June, Google engineer Blake Lemoine reported that the Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA ) AI system bot may have feelings and was saying things that a…

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Tech News : Windows Overflow Added To Taskbar

For those who have so many apps open that they run out of space on the taskbar, Microsoft is adding an overflow button where the excess ones can be accessed.  Overflow – Button With Three Dots   For those who need it (i.e. those who are in the habit of having many apps open at once), Microsoft’s new three dots…

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Sustainability-In-Tech : Sand Battery For Year-Round Heat

Finnish engineers, Markku Ylönen and Tommi Eronen have made a giant battery which stores heat from green energy in sand that can be used as an all-year-round energy supply.  Sand Battery  The Finnish engineers’ company, Polar Night Energy, has made a sand battery in Kankaanpää, in the west of Finland. The battery consists of large silo which has been…

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Security Stop-Press : Russian Hackers Using Dropbox and Google Drive To Target Victims

Threat hunters at Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 have warned that a Russia-based hacking group known as Cozy Bear, Nobelium, APT29 and Cloaked Ursa, are using trusted, legitimate cloud services such Dropbox and Google Drive in their attacks. For example, the group’s recent attacks on some western diplomats use a pdf to call out to cloud storage services to…

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Tech Tip – An Easy Way To Copy Web Data To Excel

Save time effort with this easy way to copy web data to excel. Instead of copying and pasting chunks of data at a time e.g., from a table on web page, simply copy the URL of the page you’d like to get the data from. Here’s how:  – Open Excel.  – Click on ‘Data’ (top menu) and click on…

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Tech-Insight : Hot Weather & Hardware

In this tech-insight, we look how extreme heat can affect IT hardware and what measures you can take to keep the equipment cool and prevent damage.  High Temperatures  Hot weather UK-style is not normally a problem. With an average temperature here of about 14 °C, temperatures over 30 °C are a fairly rare occurrence – although becoming more common in the summer…

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Tech News : Heated Seats ‘as a Service’

BMW UK is now offering ConnectedDrive owners Front Seat Heating for a £15 per month or £150 per year subscription.  BMW ConnectedDrive Services  BMW ConnectedDrive Services use the smart / Internet connected element of the car to enable owners to use software to activate more services in the car by paying a subscription for each, without needing to visit…

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